Sunday, March 14, 2010

So then...

I want a new cheap phone so that I can get myself a red mobile. Smart is great for using it on the net and I totally love my phone's specs but I need a basic phone to use red mobile on so I won't have to delete stuff everytime I switch sims. For P0.50 per minute, I don't understand why people don't switch to red yet but I'll try to get them, oh yes, I will.
The LG Lollipop and Ice Cream looks so cute!!! Uber even. Ahhh!!! I want one but I won't get one because truly, the reviews are bad. But really, so cute!!!
I finally found Audio Technica!!! Yay!!! Celebrations are in order!!! I can't wait for June. Yay!!!
I'm so glad I found the vampire mage book for the Dark Series of the Carpathians by Cristine Feehan. I can't wait to read it. I saw it at the bookstore earlier on sale but didn't buy it. Thank goodness for 4shared. It really is the best. I even got myself a pdf copy of Tantalize by Cynthia Smith. Gonna start dreaming of vampires again.
I'm so going to the beach this summer and if everything works out right, I'm going twice. I found some cool bikinis on sale at Naf Naf. Tried them on already and everything. I can't wait to go to the beach!!!

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