Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lions are tough to understand

I don’t like him that much. There’s a lot of reasons why he won’t understand me. There’s a lot of reason why I shouldn’t play this game with him. It’s not going to be easy. And I’m not going to lose so much more in this game than he ever will.


I’m choosing to play the game. I haven’t won yet. That’s the thing with it. I play to win and as long as I don’t win, I’m not going to stop. No matter how many times I lose, as long as in the end, I’m the one who wins, then I’ll quit.


It’s a draw right now. He didn’t win but I didn’t lose either. He could have but I did not give anything away yet. I lost something but I also gained something. Or maybe I already lost in the last round that matters. Who cares? I’m going to win because I always win.


I know that it’s both the truth and a lie when I say I’m ok. I’m always going to bear the scar but it’s not a wound for me anymore. It doesn’t hurt anymore and I hope it eventually fade.



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