Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Great Weekend Escape

The weekend was terribly fun!!! It was!!! I went to the park and swung around lang. I competed with the 10-year-old next to me on who can swing higher. I won. Mas mabigat ata ako.
And then umakyat ng bundok on a bike. It was cold. Going down without the motor on was fun. Blasting jpop music was even more.
And got wasted on a bottle of beer pagkagabi. I'm such an easy drunk pero mabilis naman to sober up.
I'm happy that I went through that. Anrami ko pang hindi nagagawa pero all things come to those to wait naman.
That was just Saturday. Sunday tinulog ko ng 14 hours. Hahaha!!! And then I ate. So good to finally allow myself these things.
Simply put, the weekend was fun.

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