Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's something terribly wrong with me these days and it's affecting my confidence. I've always been a quick study. I've never needed to read anything more than three times to understand the basic value of what I'm reading about. These days, I find myself so much more scatterbrained than I usually am. I can't even read everything and remember the core of it anymore. I have to read everything twice now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Argh! Weird week. Nanay and Tatay shouldn't have come to Manila. I've gotten complacant. Last Friday, when I came home, I actually forgot to lock the door. I didn't even turn the knob lock. That's so stupid of me. I was already going to go to sleep and it was already 1:30 am when I checked if I locked the door and bolted everything, it turns out that I didn't. Argh! You'd think I'd be more careful. And when I woke up today, I checked if I turned the knob on the gas before going to sleep and I didn't. And to top it all off, I almost burned the apartment. Just a few more minutes and I would probably be dead due to stupidity. I filled the kettle to heat some water to cook the oats in and completely forgot about it. I didn't even remember heating the water. I actually went back to sleep with the five more minutes attitude. When I woke up, there was the smell of plastic burning. I thought it was the newly-repaired electric fan but when I checked it, it wasn't even warm. But when I went outside the room, it was smoking. At first I thought the smoke came from outside and I was going to forget about it but then I saw the kettle on top of the stove and the stove was burning. The plastic handle completely burned off. There was no more water inside and the fire was still going. What can one expect? I turned off the stove and ran water over the smoking melted plastic. Argh! How stupid can I get? Well... I've actually been stupid like this one and a half years ago but then, I thought I've gotten over it. I have got to get ahold of myself.