Sunday, April 7, 2013

I remember the happiness

Truly I do.

I remember the laughter. I remember the hopes. I remember the dreams.

I remember being together. I remember being happy. I remember the sharing.

I remember the initial crash and burn. I remember how easy it was. I remember being picked up and dusted off.

I remember the smiles. I remember the touches. I remember the kisses. I remember the hugs.

I remember being uncertain and being promised forever. I remember the young ones of yesterday.

I remember and that's what makes today even sadder. Because the yesterday wasn't the same as I remembered. And the future will certainly be even less so.

But tomorrow is always another day. And I will not get everything I want. But I will get what I deserve. Because God loves me and understands me and he always wants the best for me.


If I have given all that love without getting as much back, then I haven't lost that much in losing you. I'm going to get myself back.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm different

I'm a mom. I have my priorities. It's not just me in my life.