Friday, May 20, 2011

Secret Wish

My dirty little secret is that I want to get married, in church, Catholic, in a beautiful white gown and my closest friends in attendance. Now I'll never have any of that, except of course, probably for my best friends attending. Hopefully next month. What if the baby pops out before then?
But to the point, I won't get a Catholic wedding because I don't have a Catholic groom. Not that I'm complaining about his faith, mind you. We both pray and believe in God and all that. We've agreed to disagree about the religion thing and aren't pushing it. And I won't be getting that beautiful white gown because I'm hugely pregnant and would look like a big white ship in it and we really won't be able to afford something like that.
But that's my secret and I won't tell.
I wonder whether getting something else I do want and can afford would land me in a heap of trouble. Maybe it's the Shopaholic books making me want to buy something or my birthday coming up and my feeling of not having bought a thing for myself for months. Or just my tendency to over-obsess over myself.
Nevertheless, the following are what I want:
That little leather bag with all the compartments in Rustan's. It's teenier than my wallet but it has all the right compartments for a cellphone, cards and on-the-go stuff. I'm thinking of changing my wallet to it, actually. So then I won't have to hand over my cards to JR all the time we go out. It's all a good point and it's leather!!!
The Barbie black suede pumps were really really cute on my feet earlier today. Black suede makes me look really really good. It must be the ghost-like skin. Hehe! Undoubtedly, I won't have a chance of wearing them these days but I really will be losing the bump after 3 months. Why wait when it's 20 off. But I will... A few months of waiting will do me good.
I do believe that it's a good time to invest in boots as the rainy season is coming. I'll check out the prices and if it's good, why the hell not, right?
At half off, I think that The Body Shop palette is good and since I've been thinking of using the colors I found in it, it's a good buy.
The leather jacket from Promod, makes me love it. It's so soft. It's so warm and it's so me. Yes, I can't fit in it but I think it's just such a good buy that I can't forget it. It was on sale too.

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