Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost 27

It's been some time since I've posted anything. I got over being depressed and then clamped up because I got pregnant and I wasn't sure how to post about it. I'm going to be a mother at 27 which is weird but thankfully, all results are positive. I hope the baby's a boy. It would be nice to have a girl but I really want a boy as the eldest. Easier to handle things that way.
JR is cute as always, very very sweet, if always so self-motivated. Ok, weird word to use. But he's as sweet as ever, in spite of my ever-growing belly.
It's my birthday next week. I feel a little sad over the fact that I've gotten to this age without doing some of the stuff I thought I'd be doing but I don't mind a whole lot.
I want to give myself something for my birthday. I'm selfish that way. I've thought things over and over and went window shopping yesterday around Cubao. I do so want a new laptop and phone and cam and stuff but I have a feeling JR will go have a hypertension or something if I drop money just like that. It's unfair in a way to him though in all fairness, it's not.
I'm loving the black wedge open-toed heels I saw at Mango yesterday. It made my legs so pretty and slim. I know I won't be buying it, though. It's just not in me to spend that much money on shoes.
The brown leather jacket that actually won't fit me for a while from Promod was to die for. It was so soft and comfy and it was on sale. Why why why!!! What fairness made that happen? I was thinking of buying it for JR but really, I wanted it for myself and he told me yesterday not to buy him any more jackets. That being that.
Speaking of sales, there was this darling pallet in the Body Shop that was half-off. I'm so getting one. The colors were silvery pink but thank goodness I actually have the coloring for such.
At Rustan's was the most darling little slingbag that is supposed to contain only your necessities. I'm so getting tired of making JR bring everything and/or bringing everything by hand. That bag was so made for me with the pockets for cards and just small enough to fit into my bag, really. Well... I'll still think it over. After all, I'm not too sure of the whole design. It was just that it seemed so bloody convenient.
With JR's birthday coming soon, the wedding and the anniversary, it's confusing as all hell what to get him. The watch from Timex is good, though. I'll recheck other shops first though. One never knows where one might find a sale in a month.
Ahhh sleepy...

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