Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday past

The get-together has finally passed on the 24th. It was a hectic day considering that I slept at about 6 am but there was a knock on the door at about 8 am for the drippy shower. I really wish they thought of doing that some other day or have told us that they were at least coming. Being so unprepared and tired really made me cranky.
Jer came pretty much on time so I was really sleepy. He fixed a bit of the computer lag and we were able to pass the time with that and my half-dead murmurings. Mando came at about 6 pm, blaming me about his sleepiness but then he did go on leave just to attend so that was pretty sweet of him. Jaja came at about the time it was raining buckets and they were stranded for awhile at the corner store. They finally braved the rain. I should remember to ask for the short pants once I'm able to wear it again. She brought me a really good blouse. I really like it.
JR woke about 8 pm when I started acting up considering how he was passed out all throughout my birthday celebration. He woke up and made spaghetti. He's gotten the hang of the recipe.
We were playing games at about that time and he joined in the charades. The mermaid rendition was pretty funny. I wish I had a camera.
The next day, I got a bag from JR. It fits me.

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