Friday, September 17, 2010

New make-up envy

All my high-heeled shoes broke up on me last last week... Or was that last last week? Considering how I was already out of moolah by then (overspending ugh), I only planned on buying shoes this week, now that I’ve gotten my money from the bank. *sigh* So much for working for the bank.

So I went to the shoe store and got really crazy wanting the Keds Wedge Shoes because I tried them on last week, when I was still poor and homeless, and I lusted over 4 pairs that were on clearance sale. I actually wanted to buy the 4 pairs (and a Fila --- also on sale---, and another pair of shoes whose China brand I can’t remember and a spanking new pair of 3-inch bling booties), but I looked at the calendar and realized I’ll be spending on my father’s one-year death anniversary in a month and a half so I really can’t afford double purchases, much less quadruple/multiple ones. So I figured I can make do without the Fila for a while, quietly getting fat as I go... I was going to use the Fila for running/jogging/exercising. And the China brand, I’ll buy once there’s an actual need for it. It looked liked really comfy walking shoes that could pass for sneakers. The bling booties I can make do without. I only want them for a possible purchase of the damn skinny jeans. Please note that yes, I do own a pair of straight jeans but no skinny ones for me. Not that I do not have the legs for it. I have a mighty good set of stems, thank you very much, as my facebook page can attest. It’s just that the skinny jeans are for skinny people and I do not think people should buy such an obvious vanity pair that would go out of style so easily. Boot cuts are my thing, grrr!!!
So on and on I went and so I just bought one pair of the wedge heels. I really liked the red pair because they were more comfortable but it’s harder to pair red with outfits I own, so I went with brown suede, which look darling. I think I’ll buy another wedge on my next pay day and another one on the next if they are still available. They’re clearance and darling so I might not have much luck but here’s to hoping.

With a purchase of only one pair of shoes, I was congratulating myself and considering how I actually do need some lipstick and my Maybelline BB cream was almost out. I should not have stopped by the Covergirl portion. I hit pan with my blush a while ago and was contemplating buying a new one and when I saw the TruBlend Microminerals, I was saying I wasn’t buying any but I did!!! I did!!! And it looked so good on me but now I’m wanting the Finishing Veil and the other blush and the concealer and a lot of other stuff. You are your own worst enemy, right? Tsk tsk tsk!!! I am so disappointed in myself. And yes, I ended up buying the BB cream and lipstick but thankfully Maybelline is like a really cheap brand.

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