Monday, September 6, 2010

I always say I blog most when I'm sad

I’m a writer but I’m not a very consistent writer. I tend to mostly write when I’m sad and feeling like the end of the world is right next door. I just tend to sit and soak in my private sunshine when I’m feeling a-ok.

Writing is my own personal barometer for happiness but it’s not necessarily something I tend to do only when I’m sad. Take today for example, with a total of four blog entries posted earlier, and I still have yet to rave over VMV facials, new make-up finds, shoes and techie stuff... I hope I get some time to write them.

By the way, just to say this, I’m not blogging right now because I’m sad. I’m just feeling like it. And kudos to AJ to my recent quiet pause in blog world. XOXO!!!

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