Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heels on Wedges



Last Sunday, I walked around in Wedge heels all day, as expected of heels, my feet felt like hell. However, I will still forgive my wedge as it was a hellishly long day that ended nowhere but the grocery store and home.


I’m still in love with my brown suede wedge heels. And I’ve used it at the office today. Thankfully, I’m sitting and thus need not complain about the unusual height. I still want the red canvass, the blue denim and the black cracked fake leather. And the pink and purple too if possible. *meow*


I’m hoping they lower the price even more for this though as the line has been discontinued already. I also hope that I catch all the ones I want before they completely take it off the shelves as they are easier on my feet and they are all so pretty on me.


Size 5 or 5 and 1/5 please!!!

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