Monday, September 28, 2009


In terms of death, all my cellphones are now dead and will not be coming back to life. And thus, I will be needing new ones... So in the quest for phones, I have decided, it's 5630... Nokia 5630 XpressMusic.
I've thought about this for some time. Initially, I wanted a 5800 when I saw it with VM when I saw him with the other Accenture peeps last time. But then, thinking it over long and hard, I realized that though I was in envy over his having that touchphone, and yes, touchphones are so so kewl, I actually don't want a touchphone for myself. Not yet anyway. With the technology so new, it's not the best time to want it.
So since I now have dead phones, I've enumerated in my mind what I want in a phone... Big space for saving. Good camera features. Symbian 60 because S60 phones are really fast. Wifi. HSDPA. MP3.
So going through all the available ones in the market and with my experience with the 6120, I found the 5630. The 5800 is nice but with the price, 5630 is the best choice after all. Yatta!!!

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