Saturday, September 14, 2013

Should I care?

These days, I'm trying to pray as much as possible. It makes me feel a little better. Thank goodness for the faith and belief that have been instilled with me. God has never failed me.

I've been thinking over the past few days and I've realized a few hard truths. He doesn't care about baby now. Or at least he's caring less. Less and less. He's changed his Facebook name so it can't be matched. He's untagged himself from the pictures with baby. He's trying to look as single as possible to the world and denying everything else connected to his marriage and fatherhood to the point that he's ignoring baby's posts now.

That's sad. I shouldn't care. If he doesn't care, then it's his loss. My baby is the sweetest, best baby in the world. I'm a really sweet girl as long as I'm happy. If he wants the shallow worldly wants to fill his life, it's his call to make. As far as I know, those things don't keep people happy for long anyway. I just hope he turns out ok after everything he does.

As for me, I may be crying once again but I'm becoming even stronger. I'll be ok.

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