Sunday, June 16, 2013

On saying things that can hurt someone else

I saw my ex-husband today. From now on, I might as well start using that term to refer to him. After all, if my Facebook status is separated, his is single, on both of his accounts. Honestly, that stinks but that's life. Also, I really shouldn't care.
I dreaded seeing him. I knew it would make me feel bad in the end. It certainly exhausted me.
I ended up telling him that I absolutely didn't want to see his face anymore because I wasn't over him and it's too hard for me. Can I get points for honesty?
Is it a bad thing to ask why he did the things he did? I've gotten messages of sorry, missing you and all that but when I managed to eke out the question, what do I get back? Total denial of having done anything wrong. And a whack of how you yourself have done your share of evil.
It's all so illogical, really. I couldn't help saying that if he did nothing, what evil are we sharing then? I've apologized already and have accepted whatever witch name he'd like to call me. Whatever else, I'm moving on from that. I will not be that anymore because I do not care to be.
Ah well... No regrets, right? Move on and blessed be to everyone.
Thank you, little child, for always making me happy to my very soul. You are a true joy.

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