Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life is always complicated

I went to sleep crying frustrated tears, tired and feeling alone, wondering how everything have gotten the way they have?

Baby has a cold. I’ve got a cold. Hubby is being weird. Mother is so tired.


Sometimes, I know. I just know, God always listens to my prayers. And even when I don’t ask for it, he listens to my heart and he gives me what I truly deserve. And he speaks to me in the voices of other people and when I can’t be reached because I choose not to listen, he takes action.


Warmth comes and with it, the need, the roughness and the gentleness gets expelled into the rush. No pain and it goes on and on. It almost feels like a dream but the throbbing stayed with me till I woke up.


Everything will be ok. Life is always complicated but every roughness fades into smoothness with time. God will always be with me.

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