Friday, October 8, 2010

Lace up booties

This blog would be so much more successful if I were to include pics in my post... However, I am eternally lazy... I will try though... Hehe!!! Not like I’m making money out of my blog.[michael+kors+lace+up+booties.jpg] Velvet Angels Taupe Snafu Lace-Up Booties

I love lace-up booties. A year or so into working, I came across a pair of to-die-for lace-up booties. Not the ones pictured above, of course. They were worth a leg and an arm, at least for me, but I so wanted them. They were peep-toe Italian leather booties and so sweat to my feet and were at 50% off at the now-dead portion of Glorietta. I wanted them but alas, it was not to be as I was still a peon, (I still am though I am now earning a little bit more). At one time that I finally was able to buy them, I ended up not doing so because they were already gone.


Hopefully, whoever was able to buy that lovely pair is loving them as much as I would have loved them if they were my own. And maybe someday, I’ll bite the next time a lovely pair graces my way and to hell with eating.

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