Monday, February 22, 2010

So the recent events of my life...

I waited for Dan... And then... I waited for him to fulfill his promise...

And then I got really really really tired. I got so tired and disgusted with the relationship. It pissed me off. Ok, and I was getting tired of listening to my mother wax poetic on how guys shouldn't treat girls like that.

It's weird. Yes... I know. I probably would have had more patience if I were alone. However, I wasn't. And when people go over and over and over again over something they shouldn't talk about, you just want to tell them to shut up. Yell even...

And so I did it... Well... I did something I was getting pushed to do over and over again. It feels like hurtling off a cliff and I ended up so bruised and battered afterwards. I still don't feel all that well.

In plain words, I broke up with him and broke my own heart into a million little pieces.

I went back and asked him, if I take it back, would you take me back? I could see it in his eyes. Before he even said anything, it was already there. The no that hurt and pulled the plug out of me.

I'm alright and I can live well enough. It's like taking my heart out of my chest but that's ok. A lot of people live without hearts. I did that before. I can do it again. I don't have to cry. I just have to not feel.

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