Friday, May 15, 2009

Sometimes I'm happy. Sometimes I'm sad. Sometimes I'm just plain mad

I love him but I also hate him. I don't know. He makes me cry like crazy and yet he doesn't know. I would tell him but them, hell to everything. He's making me mad.

I hate him hate him hate him. Because I love him.

Ahhh... We talked... but then he turned into father-type lover again. I was choking by the end of it. Ahhh!!! I couldn't even tell him I love him because I already felt like yelling at him. Ahhh!!!

I know I'm being immature but he's being unkind. I waited for him to talk to me and then when we were talking, I was replying but the connection was slow and he had the temerity to say I was uninterested. Argh! Damn it all!!

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