Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to live alone (if you’re a cute girl in a weird neighborhood):

- Believe in your actual ability to fend for yourself.

- Con someone to pay for the deposit and advance. (preferably your boyfriend) The contract will state their name instead of yours, thus, the liability is theirs and not yours.

- Clean the place up before you start to actually live in it. Spray insect spray and don’t forget to disinfect. Just because something looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. If you’re too afraid of bacteria, put a face mask and gloves on. Don’t be stingy in buying antibacterial, anti-mold and anti-everything disgusting. It’s all worth it the first time around. Anyway, you’ll have a little bit left for emergency mold.

- Find out just what the neighbors do with their garbage. You don’t want garbage stinking up your home. Also, it’s good to invest in anti-smell garbage bags. (I prefer lavender-scented)

- Clean water is a must for drinking. There are usually water refillers all around and the water isn’t very expensive either. However, if your water from the tap isn’t so bad, you can also boil it or buy a water filtering system. I personally bought a Brita pitcher because I’m so lazy. However, remember that using Brita is much more expensive if you’re living alone and not at home very often.

- Remember that the more electrical appliances you have, the higher the electric and water bills. If you’re the type who likes cold water, buy a small usb-powered cooler. It’s big enough for a bottle of cold water. If you hate washing clothes, invest in expensive detergent. (the type where you leave the clothes overnight) It’s cheaper than having your clothes washed and you won’t accidentally lose any. For any blood splatters, because you’re a girl and it’s a monthly thing, five minutes of soaking in bleach and water will make everything look perfectly white/light.

- If you’re very forgetful, make sure to give someone else a spare key and that person is the type to rush to your side every time you forget. (sorry Jere and Mando for all the late-night calls) If you have already forgotten twice and gotten all the spare keys you’ve scattered about inside the house, make sure there’s a nearby cheap hotel to sleep in for the night. If you’re not that sleepy, you can stay at an overnight internet café and chat with anyone who bothers to bleary-eyed you.

- Have a place for everything. Storage boxes are great. Storage boxes that double as something else are the best. I’ve found several tables and chairs that are the best for these. Hooks are good for hanging clothes and stuff. There are certain hooks that are best for certain types of walls. Ask the clerks in the hardware store you frequent.

- If you own a laptop, you’ll find that you don’t need much for entertainment. Aside from using it for internet browsing, word processing and such, you can also use it for watching movies, playing music, checking local television news and playing games. Check out the nearest free wi-fi in your area. They’re usually in food courts. If you luck out, you can actually find free wi-fi and socket connection too. Let’s face it, one hour of surfing the net can be a hassle when you’re downloading stuff like e-books, mangas, games and… Invest in some speakers. They’re not that expensive and it could save you from having permanent ear damage from headphones.

to be continued

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