Friday, October 23, 2009


Aren't we lucky, bear, to have a love like this? To find a love like this? Even if it sometimes hurt, it still feels good to be alive, to feel alive. Though sometimes life makes me feel like I'm drifting on a crazily wounding river, it's like something to hold on to.
Aren't we lucky? It's so scary, though, to have a love like this. To feel this vulnerable. To be this human. To feel like I'm bleeding sometimes, without any cuts and wounds. But it also feels whole. I feel whole whenever I'm with you, as long it's with you.
Aren't we lucky, bear, to find each other? Even though we're hurting each other sometimes. I mind but I don't. Or maybe not. It's not a game, truly. I don't ever want to hurt you or get hurt myself. I never really understood it, though, starting from the first time I ever cried, why I hurt this much without reason. I just do. But truly, only you can make me this happy. Even just one moment, it makes me feel grateful, to feel this way, to be allowed to feel this way.

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